Transform Your Client Meetings with the Financial Planning Solution that's Guaranteed to Impress

“There’s nothing like walking into a new client meeting prepared, handing them their Asset-Map report and hearing them say, ‘Wow! This is really cool!’”  George M. | Financial advisor

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A Better Way to Make Financial Decisions


A better understanding of your clients’ finances means confident clients who make faster decisions – resulting in more time for you to offer more services to more clients.


Asset-Map creates the transparency that clears the way for trusted and productive client relationships – that’s why it’s so highly rated by advisors.


No other platform makes advice conversation as simple, productive, and profitable: financial advisors who use Asset-Map average 43% higher yearly revenue.

Scale-Up your Productivity

New advisors who use Asset-Map increase their revenue by:

compared with their peers who do not use Asset-Map



What is Asset-Map?

Asset-Map is a SaaS solution that provides financial advisors with a dynamic and highly effective client engagement process along with tools for client profiling. Created by successful financial professionals, Asset-Map facilitates comprehensive fact-finding to meet ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) regulatory initiatives and uncover details important to the client for making informed financial decisions.

It has positively impacted the advice and sales experience for thousands of financial professionals and improved the decision-making process for over a million households to date.

How is Asset-Map Platform used?  

Well, it's like your trusty sidekick during client meetings, whether they're face-to-face or online. It helps you dive deep into your client's financial situation, so you can make sure you're on the same page. Think of it as the starting point for your meeting game plan. It lets you see if the financial decisions being made are a good fit and sets the stage for bringing in the right strategies to talk about.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes, Asset-Map offers enterprise pricing with volume discounts for larger businesses. Contact us today to learn more.

Does Asset-Map offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, Asset-Map offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your Asset-Map subscription and receive a full refund provided you have completed the Asset-Map SmartStart session and we receive your request for cancellation within 30-days of your original purchase date.

How is Asset-Map priced?  

Asset-Map offers two SaaS-based solutions: Asset-Map Essentials and Asset-Map Pro. Essentials has the core functionality of Asset-Map without financial planning goals—based analyses called Target-Maps.  Pro contains all the features designed for the typical Financial Professional.  Both feature an annual subscription with monthly or annual billing.

Who uses the Asset-Map solution?

Asset-Map serves financial professionals from a variety of disciplines, including financial planners, RIAs, insurance agents, and tax/legal professionals who all use Asset-Map with their clients. Asset-Map works with both independent practitioners and large global financial services firms and their advisors.

Engage Clients from Start to Finish with Asset-Map

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Engage Clients from Start to Finish with Asset-Map

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A Better Way to Make Financial Decisions

“There’s nothing like walking into a new client meeting prepared, handing them their Asset-Map report and hearing them say, ‘Wow! This is really cool!’” 
George M. | Financial advisor

Transform Your Client Meetings with the Financial Planning Solution that's Guaranteed to Impress

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The “Check Engine Light” of Financial Wellness

Anticipate your clients’ potential financial weak spots before they occur. Use our award-winning Signals features to quickly indicate a household’s ability to weather up to six common financial events based solely on their Asset-Map Report.

Household Index

Data Transparency Unlike Ever Before

In order to help financial advisors and firms have a deeper understanding of their entire book of business, the Household Index allows for filtering and sorting of all households currently within your Asset-Map team. This dynamic reporting of financial parameters helps to better understand client segments and drive opportunities for targeted conversations.

The Financial Advice Journey Starts with Asset-Map

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Flowers in Chania
  • Asset Map
  • ✓ Greatly supported in delivering consistent client experiences across all of Nick's advisors
  • ✓ Helped them reacclimate to each client's current situation instantly
  • ✓ Saved time as they can instantly see how every household member, liability, policy, and income source comes together without wasting time with notes, emails, paper trails
Flowers in Chania
  • Asset Map
  • ✓ Helped Jack more efficiently prepare for meetings
  • ✓ Better identified more qualified prospects
  • ✓ Helped with running financial needs analysis for retirement, loss-of-life, and many other situations
  • ✓ Impressed clients with aides that allowed them to see full financial picture that made intuitive sense
Flowers in Chania
  • Asset Map
  • ✓ Helped Molly communicate complex scenarios to clients
  • ✓ Supported her with efficient fact-finding
  • ✓ Improved wallet share as clients fill in their Asset-Maps and identify outside assets her team could manage
  • ✓ Helped her say goodbye to mediocre pie charts and bar charts that clients can't relate to

What happened with advisors who decided to use Asset Map every day?

What happened with advisors who decided to use Asset Map every day?


Provide a comprehensive advice experience that engages clients from start to finish and empowers them to make better decisions by getting on the same page - literally.

Discovery Interview

Scale Client Data Collection with Discovery

Discovery data collection empowers financial professionals to streamline the fact-finding process by collecting what’s in their clients’ heads and transferring it into a visual Asset-Map Report in minutes, not hours (or days).

Asset-Map Report

A Financial Picture is Worth a Thousand… 

An Asset-Map Report is a visual experience that displays all of a household’s members, entities, financial assets, liabilities, cash-flows, and insurance policies. This provides an advisor with a straight-forward way to quickly address gaps in a financial plan as well as uncover new opportunities.


Overlay Peer Data and Accelerate Engagement Using Stencils

Easily overlay common demographics to households to help clients visualize what their peers’ financial picture looks like, helping you to engage in faster conversations on what’s missing or needs attention. Picture a financial version of how Netflix™ informs what other people like you watch.


Financial Goals On One Page with Target-Maps

Target-Maps address common questions to quickly get everyone on the same page, and engage clients on an even deeper level. Quickly answer how close they are to funding their goal and how to resolve any capital shortfalls.

Hear straight from the people who use and love Asset-Map every day. 

Asset-Map helps me have natural conversations with my clients that clearly communicate my experience and expertise to their financial situation.

Asset-Map has given me the confidence I need to pursue higher net-worth opportunities and provide the comprehensive advice those clients are looking for in an advisor.

I have never met an existing client or an interested prospect who is not impressed with Asset-Map.